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Each One Teach One

No one can help everyone – but everyone can help someone

Each One Teach One connects people from vastly different communities in Kenya and the UK. It is a cultural exchange, with Masai young people sharing their local knowledge, skills and expertise in return for English and maths lessons and support in using ICT. This 3 year project is designed to boost opportunities for education and employment as well as provide a valuable experience of transnational friendship.

This is is not-for-profit project set up and managed by Talek Community Education, Masai Mara, working with London’s Share Think and Act Community Interest Company (Company Registration Number: 06872432).

Benefits for young Londoners

In the UK many better-off parents fund volunteering abroad and international travel for their children in the run-up to university or in a gap year. This project aims to support young Londoners from less wealthy backgrounds with a similarly valuable social and cultural experience.   The project begins with each UK student becoming a member of the East London Team, raising funds to pay for a flight to Masai Mara and collecting resources for the proposed Safari Cinema . Once in Masai Mara they will teach basic English to Masai young people of their own age. In return they will learn about conservation and the skills for survival in rural Africa, economic development, and global citizenship – all in the breathtaking environment of the African Savannah.  Through their friendships with Masai young people, UK Volunteers will learn to understand the issues facing local Kenyans. They will have free time to enjoy safari drives and other travel opportunities. Members of the East London Team, will gain practical skills and experience to support their applications for university or post-graduate employment. Experience of fund-raising, cross-cultural communication, teaching, research and project implementation will be of value to UK young people, regardless of whether they enter the project in Year 1 or Year 3, or whether they are Post-16 students or recent graduates. We also aim to recruit a small team of retired teachers whose visit will not be constrained by the timing of the UK academic year.

Benefits for Young Masai 

Many young Masai, from poorer families, have not had a formal education although they have huge knowledge of their community’s traditions and how to survive in the Savannah, with its annual rains and dry summers.  Those who can read, write, and speak English have improved chances of employment.  Each One Teach One will enable Masai teenagers from Talek Village, Team Talek, to improve their English and maths skills through one-to-one and small group sessions. In return, they will teach UK teenagers about life in the Mara.  Opportunities for photography, video-making and using computers will support shared local research in relation to 5 economic areas: Health and Welfare;  Sustainable Tourism; Water Management; Renewable Energy; Building Technologies.  Through fund-raising for solar-powered computers, the project will also support their understanding and use of ICT. Gains made in Year 1 of the project will feed its development in Years 2 and 3.  

Through supported self-help the Talek community will be better able to meet its needs for housing and employment and better educated in relation to health issues.


Savannah Cinema

Each-One-Teach-One is linked with a Savannah Cinema which will also provide a public meeting place for community education and self-organisation. Starting out in a marquee, the cinema will be built as a solid structure over the three years of the project; building the cinema will offer an important community education and training initiative in Talek Village.

Each One Teach One and the Talek Safari Cinema are not-for-profit projects; income generation is entirely for the work outlined in this web-site. 


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