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Post-16 and HE institutions serving East London will be invited to express interest.  Each team of 4 student volunteers and one teacher must raise £10000 to cover their costs and make a contribution to the Savannah Cinema.  Volunteer teams will be supported by teachers in the ratio of 4:1.  If there are additional costs, for example, for disabled volunteers, we will help you to raise additional funds. We can accommodate wheelchair users – the ground may be rough in the Savannah, so be prepared for a rough ride!

Recruitment of a UK Volunteer Team

  • The Each-One-Teach-One UK team will visit your college or university to explain the project’s aims and values.
  • Young people aged 18-25 from 2 or 3 institutions will be invited to apply as volunteers to the East London Teams.
  • Some will be preparing for university and others preparing for employment post-degree; some will be involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Applications and provisional commitment to the programme by the deadline date.
  • We will provide training for all volunteers.

Meet the Family

A meeting for volunteers with their family members and friends. An opportunity to:

  • introduce the key organisers in Talek (in person or by video)
  • meet the UK Project Team
  • introduce the Masai Mara and its environment
  • describe the project in detail – what will be expected of you
  • explain the aims and values of Each One Teach One
  • describe the  Savannah  School and Cinema
  • consider key policies: health and safety and child protection
  • discuss planning for risk assessment.
  • consider your concerns share ideas on teaching and learning
  • present an outline of the training programme for Volunteers
  • consider a fund-raising strategy
  • ask and answer questions and share new ideas.

Training and Team Building in London – Part 1

This will be an Easter School held in London to consider:

  • training for fund-raising; strategies and protocols
  • policies and codes of conduct – more detail
  • how to begin teaching English to beginners
  • key resources for teaching and learning
  • lesson planning – Part 1
  • your opportunities to learn from others
  • planning your safari (kit-list, what jabs and how to get them, your passport and travel documents, travel insurance)
  • learning about Kenya, past and present
  • learning about Masai Mara; ecology, economy, conservation
  • considering the 5 economic priorities identified by Team Talek

Fund-raising: 5 Weeks

  • Volunteers will be supported in raising funds from their own efforts – applying for charitable funding; bag-packing; car cleaning; a part-time job; gardening; young entrepreneur schemes; bouncy castles in the park; sponsorship; cake-sales; car-boot sales; donations from friends – you name it, and if you can organise it and its legal, that’s OK. We will have Each One Teach One T- shirts to draw attention to you, and leaflets to explain the project.
  • Each volunteer will take responsibility for managing their own fund (for example through a page on the Just Giving web-site)
  • Funds for other aspects of the programme, for example, the Safari Cinema will be raised separately by the organisers.

Training and Team Building  Part 2

  • the East London Team – shared identity
  • travel arrangements and insurance
  • more detailed training - how to teach English to beginners
  • shared resources for teaching English and Maths
  • teaching basic maths to teenagers who have never been to school
  • equalities and inclusion
  • your own resource collection: book making
  • lesson planning: English as a Foreign Language for beginners
  • contributions to the resource library: books and DVDs
  • reviewing resources (no racist, or sexist images; no violence)
  • a chance to learn some basic Swahili
  • a last chance to back out – for volunteers who think they may not be able to handle the challenges of life in the Masai Mara

We’re Off!

  • Leave Heathrow for Nairobi – two weeks including October half term 2015
  • Immediate transfer to Wilson Airport;  16-seater ‘plane over Kenya to the Mara
  • Meeting our Masai friends – Team Talek
  • Let the programme begin!

Small plane



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