Savannah School

Savannah School

A programme of teaching and learning will be planned during the run-up to the visit. UK Volunteers will be teaching Masai teenagers some English and Masai teenagers will be teaching UK young people about life for young people in the African Savannah. The curriculum will aim to meet the learning needs of all participants. All will learn more about the global economy and ecosystem and how the Masai Mara is part of this; the Savannah Cinema will help.

Each-One-Teach-One is designed for individuals and small groups.  Masai partners have expert knowledge of the Mara and its economy and ecology. They may be excellent trackers and stock-farmers; outdoor cooks who can make a fire with a couple of sticks and they can hunt for the pot; they are fantastic dancers who may want to learn a few London styles as well as teach their own. They may be artists, able to make clothes and jewellery. The East London Team will be trained how to teach basic English, Maths and ICT; they may have opportunities to share some other skills, such as singing, dancing,  cooking, drawing, using computers. They must be prepared to learn about the Mara from Team Talek members.  Each team member will be part of a smaller group, learning about the 5 economic areas that Team Talek are keen to develop.

The East London Team will be made up of 20 students and teachers, supported by the project organisers. Team Talek will be made up of locally-recruited young people who are keen to open up new opportunities for employment in the Masai Mara.

 Early to bed and early to rise!   The Mara is very hot in the middle of the day; people rise early and the two daily sessions of the Safari Summer School would need to happen before the heat of the day and before sun-down, with a long break in between.

The Curriculum

There will be a basic curriculum which aims to teach English and maths to Team Talek members who have had no opportunity for formal education.  This will be resourced.  There will also be a clear framework for the East London Team to learn about the Masai Mara and Masai people: during the Savannah School students from the East London Team and Team Talek will be paired and placed in one of five focus groups (Tourism; Building; Water; Energy; Health). Each UK student group will be supported by a teacher or project organiser.  Each focus group will make a short video about their special interest. This will aim to assess existing provision and make recommendations for change.  The commentary must be in two languages, including English.  The broad aims of future development must be outlined, as suggested by Team Talek.  A proposed short-term development plan should be presented for each focus area. This can then be used as the basis of more detailed specialist planning for the Each One Teach One Voluneering in 2016 and 2017.  

Masai 1

Talent Show-case!

At the start of the programme there will be a ‘We’ve Got Talent’ event, where each group of teenagers can show-case aspects of their culture in singing, music, gymnastics and dance (don’t worry  - if you can’t perform you can do other things instead; the lights or introductions).  There will be a celebration of success at the end of the programme.   Young people from the Mara and London may perform or show a DVD of their work together.  Family members will be invited.  

The Showcase will open the SAVANNAH CINEMA to the public.


Accommodation for UK Volunteers will be simple but the food will be good. Volunteers will camp near a little village named Talek.; there are showers and lavatories – it may not be not safe to wash in the river. The host community is kind and friendly.  Crocodile Camp


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