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Individual UK students, recent graduates, teachers and recently-retired teachers may volunteer for Each One Teach One.  Send your CV and an expression of interest to dhegill@gmail.com   We will send you further information and an application form. If successful you will be working with a group of Masai young people and supported by their elders in October 2015.  Team Talek is a Civil Society Organisation which aims to take more control of the future of their community. 

We will help you raise funds to help cover the expenses of the visit and to support the set-up of the Savannah Cinema.  The cost will be £10000 for each team of 4 student volunteers with a teacher from your school or college (we can provide a teacher if you can’t bring your own). This sum includes a donation to help cover the cost of the cinema. 

We aim to recruit a small group of students and a teacher from each of three institutions, including two Post-16 colleges and a university.  We also aim to recruit a small team of  older people – retired teachers, for example.  The Project Team would be happy to talk to staff, students and parents before you decide to become involved.  The East London Team will work together before the visit on fund-raising and to learn about the needs of young people in Masai Mara; we will also make resources for teaching and learning.

Successful UK candidates in 2015 will be:

  • aged between 18 and 25 for the youth team – older for the adult team, possibly retired, for the silver team
  • hard-working, in education, employment or training
  • keen to help others, in other parts of the world
  • committed to improving the chances of a bright future for others
  • resilient in the face of difficulties
  • prepared to live in situations poorer than at home
  • able to provide excellent references
  • committed to fund-raising for a visit to Masai Mara
  • able to teach another young person to speak English
  • able to teach simple maths
  • patient in teaching another teenager to enjoy books
  • willing to share DVDs and books
  • able to learn from others and share ideas
  • competent in using ICT to make short presentations
  • interested in learning more about issues of global significance – the global economy and ecosystem, conservation and global warming
  • able to participate in a local research programme in Masai Mara, based on one of the identified economic priorities.

Successful candidates may also:

  • have completed part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme
  • be thinking of teaching as a career or a recently-retired teacher
  • have knowledge of one of the the five identified economic development priorities
  • already have experience of supporting other young people to learn new skills.

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Three teachers in Masai Mara have asked for teacher-twinning as part of the Each One Teach One project in 2015.  This would involve working on curriculum development, pedagogy and global citizenship.  Understanding of equalities and commitment to inclusion would be central to collaborative work.  But there would also be time to relax! Please get in touch if you are an interested teacher or retired teacher. 

Each One Teach One could be for you!


We would hope to retain some of the 2015 volunteers for the (initial) three-year life of the project.  We will add to the East London Team, year-on-year. In 2016 and 2017 we will aim to recruit recent graduates with knowledge of the project’s five economic priorities, alongside specialists in these areas with relevant skills. 

Send your CV and an expression of interest to dhegill@gmail.com   We will send you further information and an application form. 

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Many, many thanks to Sainsbury’s Haringey and Tesco Leytonstone 

We are grateful for the support and encouragement of your management and staff, who were very kind to our volunteer bag-packers.  Thanks, also, for the generosity of the customers, many of whom were interested in our project and keen to know more.  We have already raised enough to buy a lap-top for the Community Cinema and expect to be able to send this to Masai Mara in October 2014, when Dee visits London. We will keep you posted!

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