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Who’s Who?

Dee 2Matanta Ole Tome (Dee)

Dee is a Masai Community Education Activist. He is the Each One Teach One Project Director in Masai Mara and Leader of Team Talek.  He will viusit London in October/November 2014 to promote the project and help recruit volunteers.

Dee is an expert on animal management and conservation. He says: ‘About me? I’m a Masai and a dad. We have three girls, 5 year-old twins who are at school and a 3-year old at nursery. I love soul music and film. I am very proud that my younger sister was the first girl from my village to graduate.’

‘I have built my own house, with a tank to catch water from the roof in the rainy season. Last year I put solar panels on the roof. Most families here don’t have homes with water and electricity but my family has a TV and video.  All of this because I was lucky enough to go to school and I have a job. I used to be a warrior but now I work as a tourist guide and driver. I also keep a herd of cattle. I want others to have the benefits of education. People who know a bit of English can get work, meet others and learn about the world.’

‘Global warming is affecting the Mara; drought may make our traditional lifestyle impossible. We need new understanding and skills for employment in a changing world. Educated Masai are able to work as safari guides or in hotels; others are employed in low-paid work. Some have no paid work at all and their children do not go to school. Education would help them to get a job and keep healthy. Each-One-Teach-One and the Safari Cinema will give the young people of Talek a better chance for their future; just by learning some English, teenagers can have better access to employment.’

‘The Safari Cinema is a great idea – we would like to show all of the David Attenborough films to teach about conservation and DVDs to teach skills like building, electrical engineering and water conservation.  Eventually we want to set up the Each One Teach One scheme to include specialists in health care, engineering and ICT. We want to take a lead in developing our local economy so that everyone can benefit, not just the rich.  Children are our future – but our adults also need education.  We need to set up new businesses to support the local economy and be linked to the rest of the world.’

‘ Local people have to take responsibility for local development. Governments can’t bring about change at the village level or for individuals.  We are happy to work with Naroq Council but we have to let them know how to support development in our community. Talek is where we need change to happen, if we are to face the future with confidence. Team Talek and the Each One Teach One project will help; the Safari Cinema is a great idea for community education to promote local entrepreneurs. ‘

The Support Team

Dawn Gill: UK Project Directordawn_gill[1]

  • See Dawn’s profile at

 Michael Hamilton: UK Operations DirectorMichael Hamilton (1)

  • See Michael’s profile at
  • See also
  • Look at ‘Projects’ for student volunteer’s blogs from Ghana and Madagascar

Muhebo Ahmed: UK Volunteers Senior Youth Leader

  • See also
  • See ‘Projects’ for student volunteer’s blogs from Ghana and Madagascar; Muhebo led these expeditions.

Nadeem Popat: Sponsor

  • Operations Director, Ibis Tours and Travel, Tipilikwani Camp, Masai Mara

Organisational Structure

  • The UK Team will provide project management support for the East London Team in  the run-up to and during their volunteering role in Masai Mara.
  • Team Talek will be recruited, led and supported by Dee, working with a deputy project manager.
  • Nadeem will provide logistics support in travelling to Talek and whilst there. Ibis Tours will provide support for accommodation and ensure that catering arrangements are of high quality.
  • The teaching, learning and video-based research will be organised in teams of 5, each led by a teacher or project manager.
  • Formal teaching of English and maths will be supported by resources produced before and during the programme.

Financial Management

Each One Each One is a specific project managed by Share Think and Act Community Interest Company (not for profit) registered in England: company registration number:  06872432. 

100% of the funds raised in relation to Each One Teach One will be used for Each One Teach One.  

Each One Teach One is a  supported self-help project planned in response to needs identified by the Talek community.   The project will be financially accountable to Companies House via Share Think and Act CIC.  The Post-16 Institutions from which volunteers are recruited will take responsibility for the  funds raised by individual student volunteers.

Participatory Engagement

2015 is the first year of the project and very much a pilot, when the principle activities will be set up; targeted outputs will be specific for that year. Further development will take place in 2016 and 2017.  The proposed developments, in terms of small-scale businesses in 5 economic areas, are expected to be self-sustaining after 2016, with the exception of the Health and Welfare programme which will require the support of Naroq County Council. Team Talek will become a Community Action Group to engage effectively with the local democratic process.

Send your CV and an expression of interest to

We will send you further information and an application form.


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